Dr. Tracy Riley Jacksonville, FL - Feb 28, 2020

Jason was working out of my office, seeing people regularly and it still took me about six months to let him hypnotize me. There are not enough words to describe the change he made happen in just a short time. It’s embarrassing to say that I suffered from anxiety, given the work that I do. As a result of working with Jason, my anxiety instantly vanished and I’m forever grateful for his kindness, patience, and effective work.

Russell Petrick Jacksonville, FL - Jan 15, 2020

Professional staff, made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Full faith in their expertise and program. Highly recommend to anyone who needs help to quit smoking!

Aria Todd Jacksonville, FL - Dec 16, 2019

My session with Jason today was more than I could have ever hoped for!he was extremely kind and professional and made me feel very comfortable. Before the session he gave me very detailed explanations about what to expect and what he would be doing during hypnosis. After leaving the session I felt very relaxed, clear minded and motivated. I highly recommend seeing Jason for all your hypnotic needs!

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