Weight Loss

Sadly, people all too often make judgments based on a person's appearance, often mocking, shaming and excluding those who don't meet up to society's falsely perceived ideal images of what healthy looks like. With compromised food production methods, chemical additives and sugar packed ingredients, increased portion sizes and misleading food labels, along with a  plethora of non-factual nutrition advice, it's no wonders why battling the bulge.  Add to this society's over-worked, over-stressed, under nourished lifestyles, this can leave even the most disciplined people struggling with their body weight.

Fortunately, there are natural, healthy, maintainable alternative weight loss methods not requiring fasting, pills, fad diets, and expensive gym-memberships, such as hypnosis.  Through the use of hypnosis, we help you to address the psychological effects of food, your relationship with food, and the emotional and habitual issues that often keeps one stuck in this vicious cycle.  In other words, hypnosis can help you break free from these struggles, so you can take back control over your ability to release unwanted weight and create a healthier, leaner, happier quality of life.  JAX Hypnosis is the area's leading provider of clinical weight loss hypnosis, as evidenced by more success stories than we can count.

Why You Should Consider Hypnosis for Weight Loss: 

  • A Safe and Natural Way to Reduce Body Fat
  • No Rx Drugs or Negative Side Effects
  • Establishes Healthier Eating Habits  
  • Regain Control Over Cravings 
  •  More Affordable Than Other Weight Loss Techniques 
  •  Sessions are Conducted Privately in a Comfortable, Clinical Setting

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Stop Smoking

When so many other smoking cessation programs and nicotine replacement products fail, hypnosis offers one of the most impressive success rates to date.  The truth is, ending the struggle with smoking can be achieved easily and quickly, when properly approached by experienced professionals who understand the chemical and psychological affects ofof smoking.  JAX Hypnosis utilizes time tested proven techniques that when applied, can quickly help you kick the habit with minimum efforts or cravings, regardless of how long or how much you've been smoking.

Why Use Hypnosis to Quit Smoking:

  • Highly Effective Way to Quit Smoking
  • Freedom from Nicotine Gum, Patches, Pills and Other Nicotine Replacement Products
  • Relatively Easy Transition with Little to No Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Increased Long-Term Success
  • Affordable, Typically Saving You $1K or More Annually

Stress Management

Most people are constantly faced with an overwhelming amount of stress. Whether it's your job, the family, your marriage, relationships, the kids, or the holidays, it doesn't take much to find yourself drowning by the flood of feelings and emotions created by these situations. But, giving up control to these unwanted feelings doesn't have to be a life-sentence!  You've likely heard a thing or two about managing stress through hypnosis, but never gave it a second thought. The truth is, thousands of people in Jacksonville have been able to take back control over their anger, anxious feelings, and related symptoms created by the stresses life throws their way.  They not only learn how to easily regain control, but also discover the endless joys and benefits of managing these unwanted feelings, while improving their quality of life.

If you reside in or around the Jacksonville FL area, are consumed by stress, and are ready to take back control of your life, we would be happy to assist you through the use of hypnosis for stress management.

5 Interesting Stress Facts:

  1. Stress can be a good and constructive emotion, when properly managed and resolved. However, when not properly managed, it can often grow stronger, negatively affecting the health of your mind and body.
  2. Stress and anxiety are cumulative, building and intensifying over time. Clinical studies show that stress negative effects your cardiovascular system, cognitive abilities, metabolism, and digestive systems
  3. Humans are naturally "wired" to respond to stress with a physiological response known as Flight or Fight.  While normal stress keeps this response functioning optimally, chronic stress can hinder the body's ability to plan, sleep, recall information, digest food, and many others negative affects.
  4. Stress affects every cell in your body. Over time, these effects often interfering with the body's normal cellular processes, which can lead to disease and impaired immune systems. 
  5. Suppressing your stress, worries, fear and anxieties will only compound the issue at hand, does not create resolution, and takes one further away from control over their emotions.


Overcoming deeply-seeded fears remain one of its most popular and effective uses of clinical hypnosis.  Whether it be bugs, snakes, flying, social environments, public speaking, death, illness, or one of nearly a thousand other fears, hypnosis may be your solution. Unlike cognitive, logical, rational approaches that typically do not facilitate resolve, or exposure methods intended to build resistance to such fear, often at the emotional expense of the client, hypnosis offers a safe, easy approach to often rectify the problem once and for all.  At JAX Hypnosis, we have helped hundreds of good people just like you, find the strength, courage and perseverance to face these fears head on, and successfully regain control over them.

While there are thousands of legitimate human fears, here are 30 of the most common fears recognized in today's society:

  • Acousticophobia  - The fear of noise
  • Acrophobia - The common fear of heights
  • Aerophobia - The fear of flying
  • Agliophobia - Fear of pain
  • Agoraphobia - What we know today as a panic attacks
  • Amaxophobia - Fear of riding in a car
  • Androphobia - Fear of men
  • Anthropophobia - Fear of people/social settings
  • Arachnophobia - The fear of spiders
  • Atychiphobia - Fear of failure
  • Atychiphobia - Fear of failure or non-success
  • Claustrophobia - Fear of being trapped in a confined space
  • Coulrophobia - The fear of clowns
  • Cynophobia - A fear of dogs
  • Genophobia - A General fear of Sex
  • Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public or to groups
  • Hemophobia - Fear of blood or bleeding
  • Insectophobia - The fear of insects
  • Katagelophobia - Fear of being ridiculed
  • Mastigophobia - Fear of being punished
  • Metathesiophobia - Fear of change
  • Mysophobia - Having a fear of germs
  • Necrophobia - Fear of death, dying, or dead things
  • Nyctophobia - The fear of the dark or very dark places
  • Ophidiophobia - The fear of snakes
  • Ornithophobia  - Fear of birds
  • Pediophobia - The fear of dolls
  • Tonitrophobia - Fear of thunderstorms
  • Trypanophobia - Fear of being stuck by needles
  • Xenophobia - Fear of encountering strangers

Other Uses For Hypnosis 

Here is a list of just a few common uses in which hypnosis is very effective:

  • Sleep Problems
  • Bed Wetting
  • Nail Biting
  • Public Speaking
  • Confidence
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Aches & Discomforts
  • PTSD & Trauma
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexual Issues
  • IBS
  • much more

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